Public Health

I continue to support WaterOne’s exceeding federal and state water quality guidelines, WaterOne’s production of safe, plentiful water as well as safeguarding the health and safety of our 390+ very essential employees during and after the pandemic! I am proud that we have begun treating our water with ozone this year. Ozone is more effective than chlorination at removing pharmaceuticals, endocrine disruption compounds and taste/odor contaminants. Did you know that WaterOne provides water for firefighting as well as maintains 18,500 yellow fire hydrants?


Financial Stability and Affordability

I continue to support WaterOne's 40-year Master Plan, Asset Management Plan, employee pay and benefits package, AAA bond rating and keeping water rates among the lowest in the area as we recover from the pandemic. I am committed to balancing water conservation with low, predictable rates. WaterOne maintains $1 billion of infrastructure including 2800 miles of pipe, two treatment plants and multiple pumping stations? Did you know that 2 gallons of WaterOne tap water costs a penny?


Protecting our Source Water and Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

I support WaterOne’s efforts to protect our reservoirs from increasing sedimentation as well as Harmful Alga Blooms fed by nutrient runoff. I support eliminating sand dredging in the Kansas City stretch of the Missouri River which harms infrastructure and habitat. I continue to support WaterOne’s increasing reliance on renewable energy and move towards a more electric-based fleet. I’m proud that WaterOne won the Sustainable Water Utility Management Award in 2019 from the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies. Did you know that WaterOne signed a Renewables Direct agreement with Evergy, currently leases 500 solar panels from BPU and is a committed partner in the Milford Lake Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP)?


Customer Service

This year, WaterOne launches the AMI, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, project which allows customers to monitor their water use on a daily basis, hopefully detecting leaks early. Empowering customers increases water conservation. Did you know that WaterOne conducts quarterly Customer Satisfaction surveys and that last quarter, 91% of customers were satisfied with WaterOne services?


Community Engagement

I urge state legislators to fully fund the Kansas Water Plan ( I am committed to expanding our community's policies for diversity, equity and inclusion. I hope to expand our community’s knowledge about our drinking water and ways we can protect our precious resource. Did you know that WaterOne staff go into SMSD and Blue Valley 6th grade classrooms to educate students about where we get our drinking water and why choosing tap water over single use water bottles is best?